As cyberattacks have increased in frequency and sophistication, the demand for IS/IT professionals with technical cybersecurity skills has rapidly outgrown the supply, putting organizations at significant risk. Our skillset allows you to have access to professional security services. Make the right decisions as a leader and secure the future of your business.


Cyber security Assessment

Cyber Security Awareness TRAINING


Operational Intelligence

Make security actionable with vulnerability information enriched by operational data to prioritize threats, plan remediation, and take action based on the impact to your organization.

Multi-tier Remediation

Simplify, improve consistency, and increase scalability across network, server, and cloud environments with automated remediation that considers the severity of the issue and the operational context.

Compliance automation

Using a single system of policies and best practices across your entire business to ensure compliance. This approach allows you to implement industry best practices at a lower than usual total cost. 


Cyber Attack Surface: 6 Billion Internet Users by 2022
3.5 Million Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs by 2021
Attack on a business every 14 seconds by 2019


Iconis Secure provides access to information security principles, technologies, consultants, processes and much more. Our skill set is broad and provides partners and clients access to various services such as Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk Assessments, IT Audits, IT Governance, IT Legal and Compliance Security Operations Center (SOC).

We focus on the cyber security ecosystem looking for the needle in the haystack

Looking for SecOps?

1. Prioritize Your Vulnerability Risk for IT

2. Identify Threats with the SIEM

3. Give IT the Operational Visibility They Need

4. Strengthen Your Practice with Our Experts

Trusted Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience and support to provide various services to ensure that your security fabric is designed to protect your business.

Advanced Functionality

Iconis Security has partnerships with leading vendors and industry leaders in the IT Security space. This guarantees you access to current and relevant technology to secure your operations.

Streamlined Integration

We drive on ease of integration which is a key success factor to a SIEM implementation. Iconis Security will provide solutions that easily plug into your platforms.