Quick Remedial Actions to Threats

An Iconis Secure incident response plan is designed to prevent a cyber breach from becoming a cyber catastrophe. It helps IT operations, security and incident response teams form a united front against an attack to coordinate actions and maintain business continuity.

We will assist you define roles and responsibilities to include in your incident response plan and actionable steps to measure the extent of an incident and contain it before it damages critical systems.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Iconis Secure will help you identify and document the roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders in your organization. We follow a simple process to define and identify: Incident Response Coordinators Incident Response Handlers Insider Threats Law Enforcement Users

Incident Response Phases and Stages

Iconis Secure has a six step process that we follow to ensure a seamless Incident Response approach is adhered to and provided to our clients. We have structured this based on the NIST framework and includes the below: Preparation Detection Containment Investigation Remediation Recovery

Methodology for Incident Response

This phase outlines the most general tasks for Incident Response and will be supplemented by specific internal guidelines and procedures that describe the use of security tools and/or channels of communication. Factors considered here include: Evidence Presevation Operational level Agreements IT Security Governance Training Incident Response Capability