Our Managed Security Services are based on years of research and skills across a wide range of domains in Information Technology.

A partnership with Iconis Secure allows you to have 24/7 access to our Security Operations Center. This means that you will have access to a services that ensures continuous IT Security monitoring, incident detection and management of the same.

Iconis Secure has established partnerships with various industry leaders in the IT Security landscape. This allows your business to access and implement leading security technologies, practices and standardization. Such an ability allows your business reputation to be protected and recognized globally.

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Managed SIEM Services
24/7 Security Monitoring
Security Event Investigation
Certified & Accredited Security
Operations Centers
Alert Escalations & Case Management
Automated Monthly Operational Report
Threat Advisory Research Communications
Dedicated Technical Expertise

Specialized Security Services

Cyber Security Advisory.
Cyber Security Awareness Training.
Incident Responders.
Managed Endpoint.
Managed Secure Gateway.
Managed Identity.
Managed Email Security.
Security Penetration Testing.
Risk Scoring and Rating.
Threat Hunting.
Vulnerability Assesssment.

We use unique, industry-leading tools to give us the edge

Why wait to have a breach or experience a security incident to realize the importance of a managed security service? Speak to one of our consultants and schedule a demo session.

The more visibility that you have on your infrastructure, the greater the chance is to minimize the impact of related risks.

Every industry has a regulation and a level of standardization that we validate your security footprint against. Schedule a demo to know more about the regulations that affect your industry and how you comply with the same.

As a business leader, knowing your security posture does give you a peace of mind. This allows you to plan and implement security principles according to your security risk score and rating. This does allow all business divisions or teams to interact and work towards establishing a healthy security posture.

There is no better way to stay ahead by knowing how the threat landscape is evolving on a daily basis. Our tools and platforms give you insight and allow you to make informed decisions across all aspects of your business.